Sex Gifts to keep the love spark alive Long Distance

Sex gifts to keep the love spark alive. The key to making your long-distance relationship work is to ensure that you and your partner aren’t merely internet pen pals. That means finding creative ways to spend time together without falling into a rut of sleepy, nightly FaceTime calls. Comforting as those may be, they’re not enough to sustain a happy relationship. You still need to find outlets for fun, intimacy, and romance, which is where Adam Maynard, relationship coach, comes in. Maynard spoke to Elite Daily about his favorite tips for long-distance couples looking to keep things interesting and they’re all remarkably easy to execute.

Before you know it, your friends in traditional relationships will be coming to you and your partner for relationship advice.

Sex Gifts to keep the love spark alive. Here are some creative gift ideas to keep the sparks flying in your long-distance relationship:

Personalized photo gifts are a fantastic way to keep your partner close to your heart, no matter how far you are apart. They serve as a tangible reminder of your love and provide comfort during times when you miss your partner the most. Some gift ideas might include a photo album with pictures of your shared experiences or a framed photo with a personalized message.

Personalized Photo Gifts

A DIY present can show your partner how much you care while saving some money. It can also show how much effort you’re willing to put into showing your love. Think of a DIY project that you could make together, like a scrapbook, where you both add content over time or a knit scarf where both of you have a piece of the same garment.

A long-distance touch lamp is one of the most popular and unique long-distance relationship gifts, and it’s easy to see why. With this lamp, you can send a touch to your partner’s device with a simple tap. Making it an easy way to show you are thinking of them. Each time your partner receives your “touch,” their lamp will light up along with yours, providing a visual cue of your presence.

Digital photo frames can be loaded with your favorite pictures of the two of you. Keeping the memories of them fresh even from afar. Whenever a new picture is taken, it can be quickly added. Making this a great way to stay up-to-date and remember the moments that matter most.

A monthly food and drink subscription box can be a perfect way to experience the same flavors from a distance. You could send each other snacks or drinks from your hometown/country. Share recipes online and talk about ways you’ve consumed the same product. Bonus points for creating a virtual date night with your favorite bottle of wine.

 sex toys

Technology has advanced to the point that sex toys can now be controlled through your smartphone from anywhere in the world! All you have to do is download the appropriate app. Choose whatever toy you and your partner drool over. And then bridge the intimacy gap in a new and pleasurable way. Some toys can even sync together so they react to each other movements! The moment your partner gets this in the mail, you’ll both be rushing to your phones.

Date night-in boxes offer a fun and exciting way to surprise your partner with a unique date night every month. These boxes contain all the essentials you need for a fun night in. Such as board games, puzzles, or craft kits, with instructions on how to set up a virtual hangout between you two.

A custom map or scratch poster is a great long-distance relationship gift. Because it allows your partner to visually track. And remember the places you’ve been and the places you plan to go. It’s a reminder of your shared experiences and can inspire future travel plans together.

The act of scratching off or marking the places you’ve been can also be a fun interactive activity for both of you to enjoy together, even from afar. It’s a personal and thoughtful gift that shows you’ve put effort into choosing something unique and meaningful for your partner.

This can be something like matching keychains or bracelets with a meaningful design. Or a stuffed animal that reminds your partner of you or a moment

Fill it with their favorite treats, useful “mini” items for travel (when you go to see each other), cozy socks or blankets (if that’s their thing). A thoughtful book or movie that you think they would enjoy, a gift card to their favorite place, extra minutes for their phone (if their plan requires it), etc. The list is endless. Just think about all the little things they would love and go from there.

best gifts for long distance relationships, long-distance relationship gifts

We’re not talking flowers – although blooms and other plants can be fantastic. Step outside the traditional ideas of delivery. And go for things like breakfast, lunch or dinner from your partner’s favorite restaurant. Singing love grams, an afternoon with a puppy or their favorite pet (they have these things for office mental health), etc.

An online class or workshop is a great long-distance relationship gift. Because it allows you and your partner to learn and grow together, even though you may be physically apartWhether it’s a cooking class or a financial planning workshop. You can choose a topic that you both have an interest in. Perhaps even something that you’ve always wanted to try together.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work together towards a goal or challenge. Which can help strengthen your relationship. And, with many online classes and workshops, you can complete it at your own pace and on your own schedule. Making it a flexible and convenient option for couples who may have busy schedules or live in different time zones.

This one might sound a little cheesy, but it doesn’t have to be love songs if that’s not your thing. They can be tunes you heard during your travels or something that triggers other memories. And why stick to just the past? Maybe there are titles that can speak about your future hopes and dreams.

long-distance relationship gifts, scrapbook

If you have a way with words or are crafty. These sentimental and highly personal projects are amazing long-distance relationship gifts. But if you’ve never made one before, don’t worry; there is a TON online that can teach you about scrapbooking. How to make handwritten letters into something that’s more of a keepsake.

Keeping love alive in long-distance relationships takes effort, but it can be done. By giving personalized and thoughtful gifts. You show your partner how much you value your relationship and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Also, instead of focusing on the distance, find creative ways to celebrate togetherness, even though you are physically apart. These always lead to successful relationships.


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